Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Review of MADAME MADELINE Lashes 
This review will be posted this weekend.
This will give me time to try the lashes out, and give each of you my honest opinion! 
The lashes that will be reviewed are Ardell's Double Up Lashes in #201 Black & 
Just a Girl... lash collection by Bullseye in "Amy"!


  1. Just on packaging alone if I were shopping, I would try the just a girl ones. I can't wait to find out which ones were your favorite :)

  2. yeah the just a girl ones look more natural. I'm glad ur starting to try out lashes. i bought 60 pair on ebay for like $7... They're okay, but they look too shiny for my taste. I like natural looking lashes.

    1. I'm excited about trying both pair out... even if it does take me like an hour to get them on :-) LOL!

  3. ooh i want to see how the double up look when you put them on!!

  4. the lashes look really nice, too bad am not good at it.